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Remote Management and Proactive Support

Remote Management and Proactive Support is an effective way to maintain and optimize your network and computer systems.

What are managed services?

Managed Services allows a business to defer it's IT services and management to a provider otherwise known as an MSP. This service provider takes the responsibility of the IT infrastructure and ensures that it is monitored and responds to any needs that arise.

How can leveraging Bridgetech's managed services benefit your organization?

Small and medium business can easily exceed the resources available to an in-house IT team. By leveraging outside IT services through Bridgetech we can complement or replace the need for an internal IT department. Bridgetech uses advanced monitoring agents in your network to ensure we are alerted of any potential or urgent IT issues in real-time.

Our staff diligently address your infrastructure needs and provide end-users with the on-demand tech support that they need to stay productive.

Having a team ensuring that your IT needs are met can have a benefit of lower IT operating costs versus a break/fix model. With a break/fix IT service, you can easily have unexpected expenses, these IT outages can be mitigated by closely monitoring and performing regular maintenance of the network. Bridgetech likes to ensure you have peace of mind that your network infrastructure is under control and provides regular network reports and detailed summaries of the work being performed.

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